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Project 52, Week 1

Theme “Gateway”

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A Sad Day

Today my parents had to put down their beloved dog, Madison. Maddie has been a part of our family for 16 1/2 years and has been the best dog a family could have. Maddie was always happy, loving, friendly and funny. My parents adored her, my sister spoiled her and my children loved her.
We all shed tears for sweet Maddie, Amelie the most.
We miss you Madison Tye, you are loved.

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Sophia says…

Yesterday after I got out of the shower, Sophia said “Mom, you use Dad’s tub?”
lol Tom claims I must not shower enough :p.

Sophia, after receiving an answer to a question usually repsonds “oh yeah, right.” lol Like she knew the answer all along.

Sophie has also started calling Amelie by her full name but it comes out like “Amelie-a-ria” or sometimes he shortens it to “Ami-ria.”

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Yesterday was such a nice day! We spent a large portion of the day at the Wilson home visiting with them and another homeschool family. Our combined 17 (yes, 17!) children played so well together and mostly so quietly! The older girls all giggled and played games (Killer Bunnies), the boys built spaceships from Lego and played Wii and the Littles amused themselves with puzzles, looking at the pet fish and lizard, playing store and eating snacks. Amelie most enjoyed visiting with their dog, a black lab named Crosby. Boy does that girl love dogs. I enjoyed visiting with Renae and Becky, hearing their ideas and stories.
Renae even made lunch for us all, a huge pot of hamburger soup with crackers and bread.
It was a really nice day and enjoyed by all!
My evening was filled with tea with Amethyst and then coffee with Mum, I am so blessed!

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We had a delightfully busy day today! We haven’t started school back yet as I decided to take this time to enjoy our friends while they are all on Christmas break. Erilyn and Amelie both had sleepovers with friends. Bella went to play with her friend in the morning, then I picked her up after lunch and brought another of Erilyn’s friends over to play for the afternoon.
I then dropped Kellen off at the movie theatre with his friend (& his Mom) to see the new Muppet movie. Then I went to Amethyst’s for a bit and picked up Amelie, who had slept over there. Still keeping track? :)
I stayed for a while and did some scrapbooking with Am. I’m really enjoying making cards. So many pretty papers. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my friend Angela is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator so I get to see all the new pretty papers, stamps, and punches. My favorite set is one called “spice cake.” Its browns, cream, mustard, green and teal blue with paisleys…it’s beautiful! I made three cards with it today.
Then it was time to pick up Kellen and head home. I got supper ready with the girls help and then Adriana, Chelsie and I headed out to join the practice run at The Running Room. Adriana has decided that she would like to try running. I’m super excited! Adriana has a friend that started running earlier this year and has been encouraging her to try it. Adriana and I are going to sign up for the Moonlight Run in March, her friend is going to run in this as well. It’s a 6 km race that usually attracts about 2500 runners/walkers each year. I’m really excited for her! I haven’t been running much the past couple months so I’m glad to be starting up. Chelsie loved the jogging stroller and took a snooze. I was happy to see, of the only 3 other people that came to the practice run, I knew them all. I’ve so enjoyed the friends I’ve made through running.

Tomorrow we are excited to visit with two families for the morning. I’m up waiting for the cherry cake I made to cool so I can cover it up. Night all! Or few. Or none… lol I really have no idea how many people even stop by her anymore :)


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